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TACKLEMYTASK is a go-to trusted community platform connecting those in need of task assistance with local businesses and skilled individuals ready to tackle the task. Whether it’s simply mounting a TV, assembling furniture, handling administrative tasks, moving and hauling, photography, graphic design, or building a website – TACKLEMYTASK has you covered.

Our same-day service platform instantly connects customers with local businesses and skilled individuals, ensuring they can tackle tasks with ease, making their days more productive.

Derrick Herring


Derrick, the visionary Founder of TACKLEMYTASK, orchestrates a symphony of creativity and technical prowess, driving every facet of the company’s operations. His journey to this pinnacle of leadership began with the establishment of DesignCafe, where he not only helmed the ship as CEO but also transformed the company into a pioneering design firm. Through this venture, Derrick pioneered innovative creative solutions and provided indispensable information technology support services to a multitude of small businesses across the metropolitan area.

His professional odyssey commenced in the printing industry back in 2002, where he honed his skills in desktop publishing. With unrelenting determination and dedication, Derrick ascended through the ranks, ultimately making a seamless transition into the web domain. His relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation has garnered recognition, including being named a distinguished finalist for the prestigious Hillman Entrepreneur Program at the University of Maryland College Park, a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and exceptional leadership.

Derrick’s narrative embodies a trajectory marked by unwavering commitment, transformative leadership, and an indomitable spirit, culminating in his pivotal role at TACKLEMYTASK as a trailblazer shaping the intersection of creativity and technology.

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